Dear fellow dry cleaners!

Most of us who had a thriving business are now left with no income at all. And the reality is that when everything gets back to "normality" our business could take years to get back to where they were before this nightmare began.
The online businesses are thriving and those customers that were used to us traditional Drycleaners are now getting used to online ordering . We as a collective group of Drycleaners need to combat the online apps by having our own online market place where our customers can download our app and order from their local and trusted Drycleaners.
The only way to combat this and salvage our years of graft and sacrifice it to give our customers the option to down load our own app instead of downloading the big online apps. The online apps are charging at least 30% more than us but are still making a great profit. This shows us that it’s not always about cheap but they want convenience. Right now the traditional model is not going to work. We need a model that involves as little interaction as possible in accordance with the social distancing rules.
As the owner of 11 branches in South and North London I have seen my business suffer in the last few years and my sales drop and I am sure most of you are in the same situation. We cannot afford to be people who sit back, do nothing and wait behind the counter in the hope of a customer or two wandering in that day. Things aren't just going to get better this time!
There are others that want to take action in their area and do something about this, Dry Cleaners who will not let there business die like all taxi businesses have. If you are one of those that want to take action then I want to save the industry with you!
I have for the last year been talking to a software house where they develop apps and websites and come up with a cost effective solution for everyone. If you are with me and want to take this step here is a link below to sign up to a free platform and I will
personally call to discuss our plan. Let’s make a move fast so that we have a chance to salvage our businesses, make them move with the times and be more profitable than ever.


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