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Our Services Include:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Wash & Fold
  • Alterations & Repairs
  • Leather & Suede Cleaning
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Wash & Fold

Get your clothes washed and folded.

£14.00 (Per 6KG)

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Iron Only

Get your clothes ironed.

£25.00 (Per 6KG Bag)

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Wash & Iron

Get your clothes washed & ironed.

£30.00 (Per 6KG)

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Dry cleaners near me Dry Cleaners

Drycleaners near me is a hassle free dry clean and laundry service in London that couples convenience with quality at surprisingly affordable prices. We dry-clean, wash and iron your clothes as per your requirements and deliver them to your house at your preferred time. Our client’s time is very important to us therefore, we offer same day dry cleaning for their convenience. Moreover, we further save your time by offering free pickup and delivery services to and from your doorstep. What we do The clothes we launder range from everyday wear to fancy party or wedding wear. We also service leather and suede jackets. Each piece is handled separately depending on the material. Our launder and dry clean services are not only limited to clothes, we also service suede handbags, bed linen and curtain ware. We also offer the best ironing service in London. We are the most sought after dry clean service in London because we know how to treat each item, while our services are customized and tailored to perfection. How you can avail our services: All you need to do in order to avail our premium services is to download our app. This will give you prompt and easy access to our services whenever and wherever you might need them. When it is time to use our services, just click on our app and choose your favorite drycleaner. Once your drycleaner is chosen, punch in the time you prefer your clothes to b picked up. That’s it! We will pick your clothes at the most suitable time, clean them in a way that you desire and deliver them promptly at your house. Our services: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we ensure that our tasks revolve around the utmost convenience of our clients. Our services include much more than just dry-cleaning. Along with washing and /or dry cleaning, we also offer tumble dry services, wash dry & fold options, ironing services, and anything that you might require. We also offer rug cleaning and alteration services. The best part is that all these services are provided at your doorstep, thus saving you the time and hassle required to pick and drop your clothes from laundry. Whether it is your wedding dress, your suits, your leather or suede jackets or your casual wear, our experts handle each and every piece according to the material and quality. You can also give us your handbags, linen, curtains and rugs for expert servicing. Mentioned below is a brief overview of our services step by step: • Place your order: Placing your order is very simple if you have downloaded our app. Just click on the app and chose the services you desire along with the quantity of clothes and the time you want the clothes to be picked up. • Pick up at your desired time: We offer free pickup and delivery for our precious clients. Our delivery truck will arrive at your house at your desired time to pick your laundry. • Professional cleaning as per your choice: The next step is servicing your clothes. We service them professionally, according to your chosen services, e.g. Dry-clean, washing or iron. • Prompt delivery of clean laundry at your house: Our services are not only high quality but are also prompt. Usually our services are processed within 24 hours. We deliver the serviced clothes at your doorstep at your preferred time. Are you in search of a laundry shop near me? We are the perfect solution to all your laundry needs. Contact us now for the best Dry Cleaning & Laundry delivered in London.

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